© Chris Sam

He watched the bird fly away, disappointed on his failed attempt of a good shot. Striding across the greening field with his camera hanging on his neck,  Henry grinned as he reminisce over his recent adventures.

Few months ago he’d been angry with everything around him, but somehow his little adventures have cleared his head and have given him a new way of reasoning, a new way of seeing things and appreciateting them. His inward man has been awaken, from the long sleep of ignorance and naivety. 

Rather than remaining blissfully unaware of the beautiful nature around him, he has taken time to appreciate the things mother nature has provided. Its beauty, its selflessness, and presentation of itself to the world around us. The natural landscape, folds, twist, bends, curves, and colors of nature are enough to entice anyone to look. Overtime he has come to understand that nature has been around as long as the earth has. It creates its own sense of beauty, allows for wildlife to flourish, and is the home of many creatures. The environment around him, plays a major role in his life and everyone else’s lives, whether we realize it or not. It influences who we are, how we live, where we can live, provides us with means of support, as well as gives us something beautiful to look at. With everything nature has to offer us, we as a society take so much away from it without giving much back to it. 
This reality, transformed Henry lifestyle changing his humanitarian attitude, giving him a more perceptive view to life and it surrounding natural bliss, when the wind and cloud meet the grumbling sounds of change, it affect the weather and the climatic structure of the sky. 

When there is a change in someone lifestyle, his perceptions is prevalence to his expected reality.  Life is a mystery and one need to devote and encourage himself to face the good, bad, and ugly of any circumstances to achieved his goals and future.
After his ex had ditched him, he’d felt the pains of a broken heart and hadn’t bothered to establish any new relationship. But falling in love with nature has become the best thing that has happen to him for a long while. Thinking about his experiences so far, he ached for her, groaned under his breath as he remembered the sweetness of her flesh,  the warm depths that embraced and held and urged him on, driving him crazy to have all of her. The only hope he had was to make her see and believe it didn’t matter anymore, his new found love, his love for nature’s bliss is all that matters. 



© Chris Sam

Every flower, every tree and every thing around has a story, good planes and great places with wonderful memories. Those blessed with wonderful moments can move around their environment smiling, rolling back the years, times, and moments they’ve had, in his world nothing seems real anymore. The pains and betrayals he faced in his life where enough to wipe away the memories. Living in this moments, he tries to recreate a new world and a new hope for himself. 
The silence and quietness of his secret hideout sent ripples of thrills inside him. Listening to natures screams, and the waves of the breeze inspires him beyond words.
It was sunny, birds and crickets chirpings all over the surrounding bushes. He stood up taking a tour, killing time until his appointed hour, he tried to dwell on the good memories, recreating every moment by his perceptions.
The foothills growing greener by the day,  he thought,  it was a perfect view for a lover of nature. Painting a picture in his mind, he smile to himself.  “No one can give me this moments” he whisper, continuing his little tour.
The sun grew warmer, and he felt tiny drops of sweats, wiping his face with his right shoulder he could hear a cracking sound from a nearby tree. The scents of fresh palm nut filled the air. Twisting his head, he bent to have a better view. Above where two tiny squirrels fighting over a palm nut, their little squabble, caused the cracking sound he heard. He craned his neck and squinted against the sun. And for one fanciful moments he thought they will fall off the tree. Watching the two squirrel, words flows through his mind, pulling out his note pad he began to write……………. 
If I where a squirrel will I feel cheated or be free to express my undying desires?                                          If I were a bird will I feel pains looming, and desires enslaving?                                                       Will my heart be bound to life’s unscrupulous demandings?                                                                      Or be free from social warfares, hates and society’s betrayings.                                                    Will I be my true envied self without endless searching?

When I see the freedoms that binds the squirrel and the contentment of the birds, as they take flight navigating over the skies.                               My heart is overwhelmed as I stare with my eyes.  Lost within my day dreams of a thousand miles,    In my broken fantasy I wish that I could fly.

When whispers and tears can’t change my mind    For the real me have taken the climb.                    With awe and hates, they wish to stop time.        Yet my freed self is never blind.                                With my new discovered self, I’ve learn the lines.  It just a way to say I have a freed mind.

……………….When at last he finished his last line, his mind was full, crowded with new sensations, new images, his entire body completely at ease. Raising his head towards the tree, his little companions where no where close. The trees which leafs where full, was calm and quiet, and the air carried the sweet scent of wild flowers making his moment a fairy tale. 
To be continued………………….


​© Chris Sam

Confused on what to do next, Henry stare at the ceiling lying on his bed. He has been in this state of mind for a greater part of the week. Bewildered and flustered, he was lost in his own thought.

“It funny how life sometimes plays tricks on him” he thought. He’d gone through a serious heart Break and wondering how he could put things behind him had gotten him confused and lost in thought.

After hesitating for a few minutes, he rose up, walk towards the door. opening It, he step out looking unkempt.

For a brief moment he watched himself absent mindedly without a sense of direction. Not quite sure of what to do next, he pick his shoes lying carelessly by his door, slip his feet into them and walk out without a destination in mind.


Henry David was not tall, although he gave people around him the impression he was a big man. He was broad shouldered and had an athletic body that got ladies turning for a second glance. In spite of his lonely life, he was still charming and fun to be with. His principles and charismatic life gave him an air of authority. Having gone through a heartbreak from his teen sweetheart, the once cheerful Henry had become a figment of his old self spending most of his time alone, wondering why love could be so real for a moment and then soar the next.

When he had recovered from the pains and betrayal of his old sweetheart everything else became of secondary importance. Even his former feelings for his Ex drifted into the background of his mind as an unpleasant nightmare not to be thought of.

He continued quietly along a lonely path, whispering silently as he made a quick turn towards his favourite hide out, where he can think and appreciate nature and be inspired to write, for he was a born poet. Poetry has been his greatest companion, especially at times when life seems so hard.

Taking his position at the trunk of an iroko tree that provide shade from the hot sun, he adjusted leaning gently on the tree, taking out his note pad he begins to write……………. 

What is life that the earth rotate Around.

In it splendour our endearing soul Abound.

With a searching mind we crave Beyond bounds

Beauty and love our heart surround.
Yesterday gone with the wind yet

Our hopes in life stands.

Sometimes with tears other time with

a smile we shine.

Together we accomplished beyond

Seasons harms.

What in a thousand years our bleeding

Doubt can’t clamp.
I look into the eyes of Life

With an unquestioned sight.

What do I see? A glorious endearing light,

Springing forth from nature’s delight.

Who says life can’t be lived above the skies.

When nature has given us an awesome time.

A time to born, and a time to shine a light.
I am a life with an awesome sight.

My plight becoming my greatest delight.

With this gift I can live above the skies.

For yet a beautiful smile I see as I shine.

My days my mind now nature’s eyes.

Now awake I am ready to win the prizes.

Though feeble my heart be, yet I am

far higher above success skies.

To be continued…………………  .      


© Chris Sam

Once upon a time,
There lives a forgotten little Prince. 
No one knew who he was or where 
he came from.
In his time, none cares, none desire to know.
In his little muddy Hut he lay all night. 
Wondering why no one cares.
He felt all alone.

Dejected and sad he sings all day.
Dreaming in fantasy as days go by.
His songs has a voice that pierce through the most harden heart.
He was, what he is and no one knows.
A beautiful heart was all that matters. 
As he lived through his days.
For within him where windows of unwritten possibilities.

Time and days fly in a glimpse, 
In a far away land a cry is heard. 
A broken king ♔ need his lost heir.
A search is all that matters, no words can mend. 
If only he knew, where to start.
His trouble soul will fine it rest.
Instructions were given, and none has a rest
Until the lost Prince is found..

In a lonely forests path stood a muddy little Hut.
And inside the Hut was the forgotten prince.
With his eyes to heaven a silent prayer he gives. 
This he often do, no matter how he’s hurt. 
Believing and hoping his mind is at rest
For music was his companion as he sing all through.

Listen and quiet, the king shouted to his men
What a sweet voice, it pierce my broken heart.
A walk a bit close will calm my aged nerves.
Disgruntled and confused they all tag along. 
Closer and closer they saw a muddy Hut
O king, My king, shouted his trusted friend. 
A muddy little Hut, is no place for a king.

With the noise and commotion he came out from his Hut.
Haggard and hungry he wonders what was wrong. 
Could that be the king, he stare in disbelief. 
With their eyes on each other a connection was felt.
The king so excited he barely could speak 
At long long last, here was his Prince.

Faces where surprised as they stare in disbelief 
Was this the Prince, and none knew all along.
As the entourage make pass, had I known became a new song. 
Who would have known, the little muddy Hut has the kingdom’s lost Prince.

The world is filled with a million surprises.
Be kind, and be nice you do not know who pass
Faces has names but none can tell what they all bear.
In a world that’s is filled with ups and downs, 
Being nice is all that count for a fulfilled day.
A smile, is all that break the lonely veil

Don’t say, I didn’t say, it up for you to decide.