Welcome to 2017

​© Chris Sam
I sit here, thinking, 

Thinking about how things went, 

The challenges, the pains, the laughter, 

And the merry moments. 

The lessons we’ve learned, 

And the success we’ve achieved. 

All this was possible because we have you,

Being a part of our story, we feel privileged, 

Having you, we feel bless. 

We say thank you, for being there. 
That we lived to see the last day of 2016 

I thank God.

And to tell you the truth from my heart…. 

You’re well appreciated 

And I am looking forward to a more productive new year with you.
Thank you for being there. 


Thank you for being a part of. Sights and rhymes 

We cherished you more than words can say

Thank you. 

Happy new year.



​© Chris Sam

Christmas traditions vary from city to city across the world. For most persons around the world, Christmas day starts with a Church service. After the Church service, everyone has either a party in their homes or go from house to house, visiting all of their family and friends on the way home! Sometimes, this can take all of the rest of the day! At every house you have something to eat, exchange presents and enjoy the party. But what happens after?, counting the remaining days towards a new year makes Christmas experience in Calabar amazing and memorable.

In recent times, Calabar have had many changes, changes that has long set aside the ancient city.

Africa has influenced and been influenced by other continents. This can be portrayed in the willingness to adapt to the ever changing modern world rather than staying rooted to their static culture. The Westernized few, persuaded by European culture and Christianity, first denied African traditional culture, but with the increase of African nationalism, a cultural recovery occurred. 

The governments of most African nations encourage national dance and music groups, museums, and to a lower degree, artists and writers. 

In the fight to maintain and promote the African culture, the Cross River state government set aside a day within the Christmas festivities to promote the African culture and heritage.

Going through the streets of Calabar the ancient city on the 27th of December, an increase in cultural activities is seen and felt, while the cry of the African drumbeats are heard, announcing the beginning of the cultural carnival, where traditional dancers across the state and the nation begin their dance of pride, portraying our rich cultural heritage to the excitement of the crowd. 

THE Diary of An Adventurer

​© Chris Sam

Dear Diary

It’s been a while, and in-between the space lots have happened, my life has been a bit out of the box, though lots of my thoughts and vision seems hazy, at least I keep faith. 
I have been a bit confused, the rate inwhich the global space is filled up with men and women who claimed religiousity, clinging to one form of believe or the other. I find it difficult to reconcile this high level of religiosity with life. Values have all but disappeared, many have very little respect for the rule of law, everyone is claiming self-righteousness, believing they are not part of the problem. Religious leaders preach directly/indirectly about intolerance of other faiths, men selfish and self-centered, never ready to help the less privileged, there’s a continuous decline in moral ethics. Are all these the values of the religions we so strongly follow?

I find it hard, to believe anymore about the same things which, when I was younger I will received with opens arms. Sometimes I’d wonder if men believed they can bribe God with the claims of being highly spirited in-between their double faceted lifestyles, anyway what will I say! When bribery and corruptions has become part of the institution called LIFE. 
The lower class suffers, as the high and mighty continously device means to keep them below. The search for fame and riches leading many towards a journey of regrets and pains.

Within this chaos I am left without a full understanding of what is required to get to the top. I keep hope alive focusing on the basic necessities of survival, believing that someday I will become a relevant part of the society. Dreaming of such a time I will be a force of transformation, a time I will be able to affect my generation more directly in a positive way. It is on this faith I live on.

NIGHTLIFE (In Calabar)part 2

​© Chris Sam

Nightlife in the City of Calabar is an amazing experience to the night owls, as the city is filled up with pubs, clubs and Restaurants which offers exciting events, Menu’s and entertainments, garnish with awesome cuisine. 

Recently a new place of interest was added to the amazing list of clubs and pubs. The Amber Karaoke Lounge. 

With its awesome facilities, Amber Karaoke Lounge pride itself an ideal place to relax anytime anyday. Situated along the famous Marian Road Calabar, by SFC a few steps away from Atekon Junctions. 

The Lounge which was officially opened on the 4th of November has witness a large influx of the excited city dwellers dancing to the amazing tunes of afro music mix with the Nigerian pops.

PicAfric sole reporter Chris Sam was there to behold the amazing beautiful scenery and taste of wine, spirits, beers and soft drinks, Amber Karaoke Lounge has to offer. 


​© Chris Sam

It was a thrilling moment at Calabar, as Leaders where made.

The inspiring and motivational lectures from resource personels became an eye opener as participants took notes, listening attentively for the life transforming lectures, at the just concluded Leadership conference organise by the Leaders Den Foundation. 
The conference which was held at the famous Transcorp Metropolitan Hotel Calabar, has the presence of Chief Geraldine Oku, Niyi Adesanya, the Director of EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Centre Calabar) Mr Emeka Nnamani and numerous others.

 This resource personnels spoke extensively on the making of a leader, as each stress on the need for Making a new age leaders, cutting across the difference stages of leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Chief Geraldine Oku who spoke on the Making of an entrepreneur, highlighted categorically the steps of becoming a good enterprise leader. 

Which as she pointed out includes

  • self-awareness
  • Self-direction
  • Vision
  • Social-awreness

She went ahead to explain the role of Humility, communication, soft-skills and Hardwork in the making of a good business enterprise.

Mr Niyi Adesanya who spoke extensively on the practical and necessary steps of facing the future, pointed out the importance of getting prepared for the future, as the global community is experiencing a constant change in all sphere of development and creative innovation. 

 He highlighted the importance of conceptuality, creativity, adaptability, constance development and the use of the brain in creating a space and a position in the expected change  which cut across, technology, ICT and industrialisation in the future. 

He also pointed out the importance of mentorship, listing out the different ways which we can approach a potential mentor, developing a relationship that is relevant for positive results.

The conference which has the presence of creative artists such as JollyJ and Faze, and also the famous comedian MC last Prophet the Otwetwe master of the Hit Fm was presence anchoring the conference. 

The entertainers took the atmosphere into moments of excitement 

as both artists thrills the participants with soul lifting and inspiring songs. 

The entertainment led to the closing remarks from the president of Leaders Den Mr Great Oban, appreciating all participants, encouraging them to be living and practical examples of what they’ve learned. 

Photo speaks

Cross section of participants 

CEO of KCRISS PRODUCTIONS LTD and President /editor in chief of Sights and Rhymes magazine Mr Chris Sam with Mr Niyi Adesanya one of the resource person at the conference. 

KCRISS PRODUCTIONS LTD number one artists JollyJ and Niyi Adesanya. 

Mr Chris Sam and JollyJ

Faze thrilling the Crowd 

Faze with Mr Chris Sam of Sights and Rhymes Magazine. 

Faze with JollyJ KCRISS PRODUCTIONS finest art 

NIGHT LIFE (The series) part 1

​© Chris Sam for PicAfric

Although nightlife is a collective term for entertainment that is available and generally more popular from the late evening into the early hours of the morning. Which may include pubs, bars, nightclubs, parties, live music, concerts, cabarets, theatre, cinemas, shows, and some restaurants. Nightlife entertainment is often more adult-oriented than daytime entertainment, and people who prefer to be active during the night-time are called night owls.

In this series of nightlife, sights and rhymes will be taking you across the streets of Calabar, giving you a glimpse from the night traffic, to the active social events, cutting across the main theme of nightlife, as we explore the beauty and the consequences of nightlife. 

So brace yourself as we start with night life traffic.

As the sunsets, traffic begins to change, the light traffic gradually increases as the night owls begin to locate their different pubs and enjoyments zone across the city.

 In no time between the hours of 7pm to 7:30pm the traffic gradually congest in the city’s nightlife heartbeat, “Marian,” and between 8pm and above, relaxation centres, pubs, and clubs become actively lively and filled as the nights owls begins their night cruise, rocking, dancing and getting drunk.