© Chris Sam
Who can understand the mystery of creation? 

Who can predict the events that unfold.

Saddle upon the wheels of time,

We set our voyage on life’s quest as we grow old. 
As the morning sun rises, I behold to become.

Rocking my little cherry cradle, I smile knowing I am welcome. 

For in the darkness that lies beyond my little world, 

I can feel hope in every smile that extend a hand of love.
I can’t say I understand the way things are done,

For in this journey, it all feels we’re all here to sojourn. 

All that matters is, I leave a legacy that will speak of me in thousands years to come.

A life that is full of love and peace as I gracefully blossom. 
Yes, I may be little today, but will one day grow old.

I don’t intend to be another line in the story that is told,

But the protagonist, as my life’s events unfold. 

I believe there’s a space for me, as I am on a mission as pure as gold. 


 © Chris Sam

Just like fine wine, 
As fresh as it can be. 
Just like air, 
As needful it can be. 
In-between the realities of this two, 
My love for you is without end.

I can’t say this things loud,
Lest I am misunderstood to be empty. 
I can’t whisper this enchanted words,
For your unopened hands, have kept me bare.

Grant me this undeserved wish, 
And my entirety shall sing of your good graces. 
Give me your heart, 
And I will crown it with loyalty.
For in-between the dreams and realities, 
It’s Just You I need.


​© Giftie Obeten 
Somewhere between “crying loudly to seek attention” and “crying silently to avoid attention”,we grew up!
Somewhere between “craving for pizza” and “craving for home food”,we grew up!
Somewhere between “believing in happy endings” and “accepting the reality”,we grew up!
Somewhere between “broken pencils” and “broken hearts”,we grew up!
Somewhere between “we are Best Friends Forever” and “knowing that nothing truly lasts”,we grew up!
Somewhere between “i want to grow up” and “i want to be a child again”,we grew up!
Somewhere between “parents fulfilling our wish” and “we fulfilling our parents’ wish”,we grew up!
Somewhere between “lets meet and plan” and “lets plan and meet”,we grew up!
Somewhere between “crying out loud just to get what we want” and “holding our tears when we are broken”,we grew up!
And as we grew up,how silently but surely,our lives have changed.


© Chris Sam

there’s a word,
That best described a life.
Inspires and insights, 
More beautiful than life,
But eats us and stir a deep desire. 
Within which all we can do is aspire.

There’s nothing like it,
The only word that takes us away from 
The craziness within and without. 
The pains it gives, is the joy we get.
The secret it carries, is the smile it wears.
Flows within, and spread without.

There is nothing like “LOVE.”

Love is all that matters.


 © Chris Sam

I want you now or never, 
I need you now, more than ever.
My silence yesterday, has left me sever.
When I thought, I was better,
I realised in you am much more clever.

How will I say this, 
When you have stolen my peace. 
My endless plea, you snob with a hiss. 
How am I to know, loving you is amiss,
When all my heart seeks is a loving kiss.

Should I sing or curse the day we met?
Or do you mistake my words, cause am a poet? 
Spending days without you, my eyes remain wet,
As a confused child, I hopefully wait. 
Who knows, TOMORROW we may wed.


© Chris Sam

Meeting you was the most amazing thing,
It makes every part of my heart sing. 
Each day as I wake, my love for you rings, 
Inspiring me towards a win.

People look, people wonder, 
How it all starts, everyone ponders. 
But between you and I, no one can put asunder,
For our hearts has totally surrender.

Like a song, sang through a lyrical bliss. 
Every moment becomes a musical kiss. 
For in those moments I did hand over my heart keys. 
For in you, I have found my MRS



© Chris Sam

I look from a distance, 
But my emotions brings me closer in an instance.
I see beyond the resistance, 
A story of a world, gradually destroy from her true existence.

A thousand thoughts,
A mind picture of an undeserved draught.
Failed promises, a modern’s world advanced fraud.
Rolling tears of a malnourished world. 
A generation lost within fat bellies of
Political advanced fraudsters.

We are the voices of reasons, 
Speaking against this senseless treasons. 
Our words, an open freedom of this timeless prison. 
Our true identity, a door way for a unify poetic coexistence.

Let the truth be told, 
And the hidden lies unfold.
We’re no more blindfold,
For our discoveries have made us bold.
We are our generation’s last hope. 
Together we can break free from this stronghold.

We see, and we create hope 

We are poets.