© Chris Sam

I’ve been hurt a thousand times,
blamed a million times,
misunderstood several times,
but I always learned in between the lines.

No one really cares about how you feel,
unless your pains gives them thrills.
people are just what you make them be,
a perfect picture of you and me.

I’ve been questioned a thousand times,
about what makes success, a hard climb.
in my assessment, it’s just another sign,
that all that truly matters is “time”

When society is runned by thieves,
and leaders don’t lead by what they preach,
what do you hope to gain in your endless screams.
for all is not lost, is a sad whisper of a yesterday dream.



© Chris Sam

As my birthday drags closer, my mind’s eye begins to wander around things I should have done, the one’s I was able to do and achieved, and the one’s I still hope to achieve.
You see in this part of the world, although we’ve felt a bit of civilization, many of my age mates and sadly more of the younger generation, still do not understand the meaning of creating impact or being relevant in this world. When people of this age categories, see my efforts and tireless attempts of creating a mark in the sand of time, As wasted efforts and lack of what to do.
The idea of success down here is get a paid job or die trying. Therefore, as long as you’re not in civil service or working for one company or so, you’re simply lost and jobless.
Although God have been faithful, I’d wished I have known the things I know today, for I would have started this journey when I was in my teens.
Choosing to be phenomenal, is the best choice one can make. Getting to understand your niche and how you can become a major force in your industry becomes the next amazing goal one should set.
The world is constantly changing, and thoughts leaders and social media influencers, are gradually taking over the market space. celebrity endorsement will soon become a thing of the past. As we are gradually being ushered into an era of sustainable development through constant acquisition of knowledge.
Like I said earlier, my thoughts are centred on what I should have achieved, and what I hoped to achieve.
Spending time on research and development, I have painstakingly set a goal of giving my generation a gift, that will prepare whoever that’s comes across it the basic knowledge on how to access this new era in style.
Writing and arranging “The Ultimate Influencer” is a result of passion and my hunger to impact my generation towards efficiency and sustainable growth.

My advice to you, is to be prepared and be ready for the shift which is coming without warning. It’s either you stay relevant or you remain a number in a world which constant change goes beyond just being a number.

In my journey of being relevant, I have created a stronger formidable means of impacting and coaching people towards success. Hence the birth of Afriprenure and it’s blog site which is designed to guide, educate and empower entrepreneurs towards sustainable growth and development.

So, you are free to visit this two platforms for basic and proven principles, that can guide you towards business success and growth.

If I where a woman

© Chris Sam

If I where a woman,
Will I wear bum shorts,
And waggle my buttocks,
with eyes blinking within
every nano second to show off
My untamed red lips?
I guess I wouldn’t know
because am a man.
If I where a girl,
Will I keep my body bare,
In my quest to prove a point
about how beautiful I am,
Even when I know the dangers
behind my unruly actions.
I guess I wouldn’t know,
because I am a guy.
If I where a Lady,
Will I choose to sell my body
Because I want to ranked high
in the slay queens index,
exchanging numbers, for booty calls,
And a ride in front of an SUV
just to prove a point?
I guess I wouldn’t know,
because am just a man.
When night becomes day,
And day my sleeping time,
What else can I say?
Could it be, am just what I am,
Because the world have choose not to know,
Or am another page,
flipping over for today’s reward?
I guess that’s just another story
if I where a woman.
but I guess am just…….
but only a man …….
What do I know.


© Chris Sam

Hello Dearest

It’s been a while since we last talked

And I am wondering….

Within time and space

Do your thoughts lingers?

Across life’s borders, have I ever mattered?

Am I, have I, ever been the center of your blissful dreams?

I wish you know, that……

In all that I am, my heart will always choose you.

In all that I will become, nothing else truly matters.

My thousand flaws, are made perfect in a single glance of you.

Let the world hear my voice,

For in me are the echoes of a thousand love songs,

In a euphoria of a blissful dream

I see you.

You are the reason to the beautiful love song I sing.

Betem Nation Day Celebration 2018 (a blend of Entertainment and culture.qqqqq

It was indeed a blend of Culture, entertainment and tradition as events marking the Betem Nation Day gradually unfolds. The festival which is aimed to celebrate the liberation and safe return of the Betem people from the Nigeria/Biafra civil war, was this year witness by people coming all over the nation (Nigeria).

The epoch events which was filled with amazing memories was grace by people from all works of life.

This years celebration is centered on a complete rebirth of the Betem people, that is, a dawn of a new era. The event which cut across 6 days of intense display of culture, hospitality and a solemn assembly where chain of prayers to God for a new dawn in the community where lead by different clergies representing the number of religious organizations in the community, marks the beginning of the festival.

In an interview with one of this years organisers Mr Chris Sam, he has this to say. ” This year we have painstakingly spend time, though on short notice to put up an event which we believes could be rated in an international standard by carefully planning all the activities to be engaging, entertaining and impacting. Betem Nation Day Celebration has grown to a stage where the government should see to it promotion, including it as part of the major festivals in the country. as it is a celebration which comes with a high potential that will boost the tourism sector.”

In his remarks, the president of the Betem Youth Council, Mr Bassey Ukpa, highlighted the need for collaborations from various business brands, and also pointing out the spiritual and physical importance of unity, not leaving behind the economic significance of the celebration. The Betem Nation Day Celebration is a time when doors of love, harmony, peace and victory is opened to the inhabitants of the community and neighboring communities. This special day is marks as an anniversary for the successful return of survivors of the Nigerian/Biafra civil war.

Betem Nation Day Celebration, is celebrated every year with colors of African cultures, entertainment and tradition every 14 – 19 January of each new year.

The event also has the performances of Sight and Rhymes music stars Kaita and Royalty thrilled the audiences, giving the atmosphere a feeling of Afropops mix with un-resist-able dance steps.

Royalty with CEO sights and Rhymes Chris SamRoyalty Doing what he knows best

Ekpe Masquerade

Ekpe masquerade

Happy dancers of the Ekpe Cultural dance

Honorable Daniel Ivang (AbujaEkpe 1) and Mr Eyo Egbai (coolJ)

A cross section of members of the Betem Traditional Rulers Council

A cross section of Abang Cultural Dance

Happy carnival participants with Mr Chris Sam CEO Sights and Ryhmes Media during the carnival float.

A cross section of dignitaries from across the state (Cross River)

Honorable Mrs, Ada Charles (Commissioner LGA Affairs with her friend)

Life as it is..

© Chris Sam

I’ve overheard the whispers,

I’ve seen it all from a distance.

Nothing is the way we hear it is,

No story tells it the way it is.

As you cross over life’s situations.

Remember it’s never God’s intention,

When the story attracts evil expressions.

A believe in self and God is what brings the ultimate ovation.

Life isn’t a collection of hate and war,

But an opportunity for peace and love.

Every moment, comes with it memories and dreams.

And every dream, with it beauty and it pains.

Let challenges, become your springboard,

And rejections your greatest motivation.

What is said today, can only be true when tomorrow lives in yesterday’s past.

Remember, to every action taken,

There’s an equal and opposite reaction.


(c) Chris Sam

In between the unimaginable,
We are still humans.
Hiding behind the smiles,
Yet upset to be comforted.

Desiring space by pretending rage,
A saints when naive,
Unpredictable when taken for granted.

Born passionate from the beginning,
A lover of self, nature and all that is to life
We are all that is, will be and hope to be,
We are nature’s bliss.

Growing in between the crevice of our existence,
Blaming our woes to time and neglect,
We are reborn a thousand times by reasons.

Singing in the night by soundless whispers of our conscience,
Dreaming and hoping we make peace with our past, present and future.

We become that we may revived,
Reborn that we may evade the darkness of our past.
Sinking within the two halves of good and evil.
Undauntedly hunted with the thoughts of our fate (deaths).

Grown and ready,
We’re alerted to life’s vicissitude and vagaries.
In all, we remain imperfectly perfect creatures of a supernatural being.
Craving for the true meaning to life and existence.