© Chris Sam
Who can understand the mystery of creation? 

Who can predict the events that unfold.

Saddle upon the wheels of time,

We set our voyage on life’s quest as we grow old. 
As the morning sun rises, I behold to become.

Rocking my little cherry cradle, I smile knowing I am welcome. 

For in the darkness that lies beyond my little world, 

I can feel hope in every smile that extend a hand of love.
I can’t say I understand the way things are done,

For in this journey, it all feels we’re all here to sojourn. 

All that matters is, I leave a legacy that will speak of me in thousands years to come.

A life that is full of love and peace as I gracefully blossom. 
Yes, I may be little today, but will one day grow old.

I don’t intend to be another line in the story that is told,

But the protagonist, as my life’s events unfold. 

I believe there’s a space for me, as I am on a mission as pure as gold. 


​© Chris Sam

I came from a thousand success streams,
With grace and love I’ve been found among an amazing team.
Years of struggle and faith has built my self-esteem.
Now I can say am on the path to fulfil my dream.

In a blink, lot have been said and many experienced.
My entire life is a story build by providence,
As I grew to be filled with great confidence. 
I can now boldly say, I have lived beyond failures consequence.

Who said this or who say that doesn’t count,
For life itself never offer us a discount.
All that really matters is for us to surmount. 
Then with a gracious smile our blessings we will count.

Yeah, few years back I was born.
Though pains, rejects and hates came like thorns,
This experiences have truly made a free born.
No more worries or fear of what will be said with the tongue.

Happy birthday to me, as I live to leave a mark and a true legacy.


In order for our lives to change for the better, we must change our perspective and perception of seeing things. For when our personal philosophy and behaviour is refined and adjusted, more opportunities will be before us, giving us a privilege of becoming more fulfilled.
Strengthening our personal boundary by living beyond the gossip line, creates and reinforces our value and worth. It also helps to keep the unhealthy drama, negativity, and suffering out.

Our personal boundaries include three distinct focal point
>Our mindset and emotions 
>Thoughts and ideas 
>Choice and actions
Our mindset and emotions.

By becoming aware of our mindset, feelings, and emotions, we can work toward finding peace of mind and conquering fear, doubt, and negativity. Having a healthy handle on emotions enables us to choose fulfillment and joy. In opposite, when we neglect this aspect of our lives, it brings to us emotional sufferings and pains.

To be continued……… 

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Calabar Teens Poetry Reading/writing Competition Judges list.

TEENS ISSUES in collaboration with POETS IN NIGERIA (PIN) is pleased to announce Chris Sam, Bassey Asuquo and Prince Michael Nku Abuo as judges for the 1st edition of Calabar Teens Poetry reading and writing competition for secondary schools.

The poetry reading and writing competition which is slatted for 29th of May at The Box beside transcorp is an initiative of Teens Issues in partnership with Poets In Nigeria (PIN) and proudly sponsored by Sights and Rhymes, James Ene Henshaw Foundation and Cross River State Broadcasting Corporation (CRBC).

Aimed to act as an encouragement and motivation to secondary school students in Calabar. The poetry reading and writing competition has therefore been organised to mark the children’s day celebrations. 


© Chris Sam

How can one stay relevant in a world where development, technology, efficiency and innovation is at increase?
Many times we all believe hard work is the answer. Sure, we’d need to put in some energy and effort. But whether that translates to success has a lot more to do with how we’re perceived than how we’re doing in our current role. If one want to rise to the next level, he/she may need a rebranding, reinvention, or repackaging.

“Rebranding just means changing others perception of you,”

Below are five amazing things I have applied into my life as I reinvent or rebrand myself.

Create a picture of who you want to become;

Understand the role you wish to be address for, and do your homework. Of course, you’ll also want to pay close attention to the skills required for such roles you’re eying, and upgrade yourself.

Act and dress like it; You need those around and above you to see you in the role you want, not just the role you’re in. So focus on getting noticed. And at this point you most definitely need a role model and a mentor. Find a role model within the higher levels of what you’re dreaming to become, who can not only be a mentor, but can challenge your daily quest and goals, by inspiring you through his or her own successes.

Improved on your skills and develop new amazing ones; to understand which skills you’ll need to improve on or which you’ll need to acquire for your new role, write down all of the activities you’ve participated in – whether you were paid for them or not. Where have you volunteered? What events have you been involved in? Which leadership position have you assume? “All of these activities required skills that may be relevant,”  Once you have an exhaustive list, write out the skills you used to make yourself successful in each of the activities. Play up those that can be used in the role you’re seeking and write down how the skills you’ve gained outside of work will help you succeed in the role you’re aiming for. Repeat same procedure by listing out the skills in your role model, and select the once that makes him or her exceptional, compare both list, where do you need to improve and what skill do you need to update?

Prove to yourself and the society of your Relevant ;

“Anyone can re-invent his or her personal brand, but to be effective it has to be believable in the marketplace or your environment,” . It has to be based in reality.” Start by reading industry reports or trade publications in the area you want to move into. Participate in industry-related conferences, panels, and workshops. Then volunteer for projects outside your core job function that draw on your new skills.

Remember “If you don’t brand yourself, others will. And I can assure you that they won’t likely brand you in the way that you want to be branded.”

You’ll need people to understand how your skills are transferable. It might seem self-evident, but you often need to be explicit. “You need to establish new ‘perceptual links’ that connect your brand to an area where’s there’s growth and opportunity,”

Reach Out; 
Networking with people who hold positions in the area you want to move into is critical to your success. You’ll build up expertise and credibility by working side-by-side with professionals who are in your desired role. Listen and learn. Look at the job descriptions for this roles and the skills that are prioritized. If you don’t have enough, or recent, experience in those areas, take a class.

In conclusion always understand that People who have successfully branded themselves are also known for something specific. While it is true that consistency helps branding, the reality is that individuals (and companies) are more complicated than a single tag line or campaign, and sometimes you want to be known for something else. Therefore to avoid conflicts, focus on the area that positions you in the best light, and on your destination in life, not what you’ve been doing by proactively choosing your role and how you brand yourself within this role.


 © Chris Sam

Just like fine wine, 
As fresh as it can be. 
Just like air, 
As needful it can be. 
In-between the realities of this two, 
My love for you is without end.

I can’t say this things loud,
Lest I am misunderstood to be empty. 
I can’t whisper this enchanted words,
For your unopened hands, have kept me bare.

Grant me this undeserved wish, 
And my entirety shall sing of your good graces. 
Give me your heart, 
And I will crown it with loyalty.
For in-between the dreams and realities, 
It’s Just You I need.