​© Chris Sam

I came from a thousand success streams,
With grace and love I’ve been found among an amazing team.
Years of struggle and faith has built my self-esteem.
Now I can say am on the path to fulfil my dream.

In a blink, lot have been said and many experienced.
My entire life is a story build by providence,
As I grew to be filled with great confidence. 
I can now boldly say, I have lived beyond failures consequence.

Who said this or who say that doesn’t count,
For life itself never offer us a discount.
All that really matters is for us to surmount. 
Then with a gracious smile our blessings we will count.

Yeah, few years back I was born.
Though pains, rejects and hates came like thorns,
This experiences have truly made a free born.
No more worries or fear of what will be said with the tongue.

Happy birthday to me, as I live to leave a mark and a true legacy.


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