In order for our lives to change for the better, we must change our perspective and perception of seeing things. For when our personal philosophy and behaviour is refined and adjusted, more opportunities will be before us, giving us a privilege of becoming more fulfilled.
Strengthening our personal boundary by living beyond the gossip line, creates and reinforces our value and worth. It also helps to keep the unhealthy drama, negativity, and suffering out.

Our personal boundaries include three distinct focal point
>Our mindset and emotions 
>Thoughts and ideas 
>Choice and actions
Our mindset and emotions.

By becoming aware of our mindset, feelings, and emotions, we can work toward finding peace of mind and conquering fear, doubt, and negativity. Having a healthy handle on emotions enables us to choose fulfillment and joy. In opposite, when we neglect this aspect of our lives, it brings to us emotional sufferings and pains.

To be continued……… 


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